Tips And Strategy Guide For Dragon Mania Legends

Gameloft released a game that involves a lot of dragons and breeding. It is called Dragon Mania Legends. This game contains a lot of dragons to breed and battle. This article will help you make your experience in the game much more exciting by sharing with you several tips and strategy guide without using any dragon mania legends hack. Follow these and you could easily win battles while having a lot of fun.

Dragon Petting

Always remember to sometimes pet your dragon to obtain occasional free gem and extra coins. This is how players maximize everything. As soon as you open the game, collect all resources and feed your dragons. Always set up for a new queue and fight as much as you can. Next, go to all of your dragons and pet them. In this way, you could queue again and then collect after the battle.

Attack the Strongest Dragon First

Start attacking the strongest dragon first whenever you are in a battle. That is the last dragon to attack and you may just have power that is enough to kill him completely. This makes you win an additional attack and having just 2 enemy dragons. This is really useful.

Max Out on Dragons and Habitats

The game needs a lot of coins from you. The simplest way to earn a lot of coins is to max out the amount of habitats allowed. Always fill the habitats with dragons. Upgrade the dragons and especially the habitats. Always, replace dragons if ever you find something better.

The plan here is to obtain as many coins as you can and achieve the highest level dragon in your habitat. You do not have to worry about money anymore if you constantly do this trick.