The Best Enterprise Systems for your Business

In order for your business to excel, in terms of how you treat your customers, and in terms of how you render your services, one of the things you can do is to establish a computerized business database, where all the necessary information, such as information of customers, sales, and the like are all well-listed. If you’re looking for the best enterprise database systems you could use for your business, then here are some of the key recommendations we could make.


Starting to provide databases for companies since the 1970s, it is touted as one of the pioneers for data warehousing, with them being responsible for the creation of a terabyte database for Walmart in 1992. Their software has the capacity to handle enterprise trends like Big Data analytics, and the like. Version 15.10 of the RDBMS has been released way back in 2015.


This is a product by one of the most trusted tech companies, IBM. This is just one of the many database options for Informix, with this being the enterprise edition. It allows for DBMS Level Authentication, Geospatial enhancements, UTF-8 Transliteration, as well as GCA Support, making it one of the most advanced business databases you could make use of for your business.

SimpleDB by Amazon

As the name suggests, this is one which successfully integrates cloud-computing with database management. It is a flexible, affordable, and of course, simple alternative from other database systems. With the SimpleDB, you are allowed to query and store data items through web services requests, and is touted as fast, scalable, and requires minimal maintenance.

Oracle Database

Another Cloud-based Database is this one by Oracle. Starting in 1979 with its relational database management system, it has went on to be one of the most trusted brands for database management software, with the latest Oracle 12c also successfully integrating cloud-based systems.