Kids Love Squishy Toys

Being a parent is the best feeling in the world and this means lots of responsibilities. It also means that you have to give your child the best experience of childhood ever. Back in those days the kind of toys available were more crude and are not as safe or as engaging and beautiful as the ones we have today.

When you go toy-shopping for your kids there are a few things to keep in mind; kids will always be kids and would like to bite, chew and throw these toys around so now safety has to be on the list of thought. You also need to make sure it’s a non-toxic material, soft to handle, great for learning, very cute and colorful. Hmm… looks like all these characteristics point at one direction… squishy toys.

What are these squishy toys you speak of?

Squishy toys are soft, malleable, sweet scented (occasionally), dolls made from elastic non-toxic materials that come in all shapes sizes and characters such as action figures, fruits, cakes and pastries, ice creams and deserts, animal characters ( cats, whales, dolphins, turtles and lots more),  popular cartoon characters, doll houses and a wide variety of other characters.

“This squishy business sounds pretty expensive, are they?”

These toys come at very affordable prices and there are great discounts on whole sales. These discounts vary depending on where you purchase them. Some of the most prominent dealers are and They offer the best prices in the market.

“How can I purchase these squishy toys?”

Easy! Go online to any of the above stated websites, browse through the extensive list of products and pick your choice and indicate the number per piece, click on payment, you can pay with your credit card and your order would be shipped to you anywhere.