What Type of Jewelry is best for your Body Type?

Just like the haircut that we have and the clothes we wear, there are particular designs of jewelry that could either distract from our least favorite features or highlight it. However, if you really love it, wear it, even if it is against the guidelines this article will share with you. Everything below is just a proposal or a suggestion. It is not a rule that you will have to follow. Remember these tips as you shop for new accessories or as you select your sexy body jewelry you will wear. The objective here is to provide you guidance towards feeling confident and beautiful when you go outside.

Complementing the Shape of Your Body

Jewelry could take attention away or deliver attention from particular parts of your body. You could wear jewelry, layer up, or bold pieces that fall around or in that area for features you want to showcase. Keep jewelry around those areas sparse and light if you want to distract from those features.

Art Decoration

A short, bold, or chunky layered necklace will do the job if you want to deliver attention to your neck. Also, if you want to distract people from your hips, wear these items.

Lean and Long

Choosing a long piece of accessory – whether it is a necklace or earrings – would build a slimming effect if you feel that you’ve got a round body shape. Also, another great trick is to layer up long necklaces.

Big Bust

Stay away from pendants that get lost in your breast or necklaces that fall on your chest if you have big breasts and want to draw attention away from it. Earrings that are eye-catching are the best option. You could wear a very short necklace or even a choker.