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Full Version: First-hand Account: GOP Calls Cops at Loiusiana Caucus to Delay Car Full of Ron Paul
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First-hand Account: GOP Calls Cops at Loiusiana Caucus to Delay Car Full of Ron Paul Supporters
by Anonymous Earthhope Action Network January 26, 2008

To protect the innocent victims of this outrageous assault on American liberty and democracy in the vote count, I have entered the source as 'anonymous'.


I was there at District 1 in Covington, LA the whole night. I ran into only one McCain supporter all night and we left him with his head spinning ... not to say they weren't there, I just didn't see them. We had a hospitality suite in the convention center and had plenty of traffic coming in and out.

Here is what appears to have happened. This is all new to us, so forgive any inaccuracies at this point. It is long, but I couldn't find a way to abbreviate and keep the message. Please read the lessons learned and pass them along.

In the event that there is a brokered convention, states with undeclared delegates will effectively be power brokers. One of our Ron Paul meetup members has a father who is a state senator. His father was supposed to step down from being a delegate and endorse his son but he did not.

The delegate ballot read like a who's who of local politicians - A.G.Crowe, Adam Ackel, Scott Simon, etc. All of these politicians ran on a "pro-life, pro-family" ticket and were officially undeclared. This enabled them to pool their support and win the majority of the delegate positions. When the national convention arrives, these people will "prostitute" themselves to gain favor and influence - whoever can buy their allegiance will get it. Because of their undeclared status, Louisiana's 47 national delegates may be critical at the convention.

Provisional Ballots
The results are not final because there are still 650 provisional ballots to be counted. These are most likely for Ron Paul supporters. This could be an additional 650x15 delegate votes. Worse case is that we have 5 out of 105 delegates - best case is that we have 55 out of 105 delegates - we just don't know yet.

Vote Count
We tried to follow the ballot box to Baton Rouge at the end of the night. Half way there the GOP called the police on us. All those that live in the north, you probably can't imagine how nice southern policemen can be ... it was the most polite and respectful stop I've ever been involved in. But the result was the same - we lost contact with the votes.

Lessons Learned
1. Register republican now!
Towards the end of November, they declared a November 30th cut-off for people to be registered Republican to vote in the caucus. This took us completely by surprise and made many of our supporters ineligible to vote. We would have one this thing outright if we had been prepared. We had the votes, they were just ineligible to vote in the caucus due to the registration deadline.

2. Split Activities Inside the Caucus
We had Ron Paul supporters at the door handing out lists of delegates to vote for. Next to us was the "Pro-life, Pro-family" group. With hindsight we could have taken another set of materials and made it "campaign neutral". Still emphasize the names of the Ron Paul delegates but don't mention Paul, just state that these are "Stronger America" delegates, or "Pro-family, Pro-life" delegates. You need different people handing out these fliers, and don't allow these two groups to mix until the voting is complete. You will pick up all kinds of votes - trust me.

3. Stay With the Vote Count
Stay with and observe the vote count!!

4. If you follow the ballot box - let the GOP know
Take a piece of paper with the names of individuals and the vehicle description and license plate that will be following the ballot box - give it to a GOP official and ask them to sign and acknowledge. Follow in two separate cars - the one they know about and the one they don't.

5. Don't despair - total victory is just a generation away
We got into this mess incrementally and we will get out in the same way. Take a look at the age and energy of the Ron Paul supporters and then look at the GOP establishment. Socialists do not care about you and I as long as they can educate our kids. They know policy change is just a generation away. The only thing that can stop us is if we give up. From the Caucus I can see how easy it will be to overwhelm the party - first go around, political novices and we almost did it. Don't go third party. Infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate. In one generation this is our party and our platform. I don't care what it represents now. The future is ours.


Earthhope Action Network
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