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RON PAUL REVOLUTION NATIONAL MEETING - johnvote2008ronpaul - 03-09-2008 02:03 PM


My name is John Vidurek and I am the organizer for Ron Paul Dutchess County Meet-up 695. We are planning a Nation Wide meet-up’s on the internet the first one will be on Friday 3-14-08 at 7:30 PM EST [room will open at 6:30 EST limited seating]. We respectfully request that you and or as many members of your meet-up group [or any Ron Paul supporter] that would like to join us to please come. We have set up a “free” meeting room for up to 200 people [limited seating come early] with -

* High Quality digital audio [stereo]
* High Quality digital video
* Visual [list] of names of all the people in the room
* Common room text chat area available during the conference
* Raise hand button to get in line to speak
* One speaker at a time
* Private text, video or audio private messaging between members with ability to bring in up to 10 members
* Administrators have complete control of the room, they can remove mic from anyone who is disruptive, even remove the individual or ban them from the room.
* Pal-talk is far superior then any other on line meeting place or telephone conference set-up available
* Pal-talk has created a simple and comfortable environment for video and audio conferencing
* The Pal-talk experience is like having an extended living-room across cyber space.
* We can have superior and productive meetings without leaving our homes
* We can show films and power-point programs
* We can show charts and pictures
* We can pass out unlimited written or image materials to everyone with the click of a mouse
* We can play music (stereo) or speeches
* We can make audio recordings of our meetings and post them on line for download so that our other group members can hear the meeting on their own time.
* We can stream the meeting off a web site like a radio station
* No more missing meetings because you don’t feel up to traveling to some place across the county
* No more missing meetings because you came home late from work and wanted to eat dinner (eat while you listen and participate.
* You and your spouse can both attend the meetings and you don’t need a baby sitter
* You can catch up on other work as you listen in at your computer
* We can take votes by the raising of hands
* Much, much more …

These rooms are easy to set up and best of all are free. You can set up a room for your local meet-up and meet every week conveniently in your own home and maybe have a physical meet-up once a month. If this catches on to other meet-ups we can cross visit without leaving our homes.

Here is our vision:
1) To create a room for every state and have a state meeting once a month [eg- New York Ron Paul Revolution]
2) To create a national room and have a national meeting once a month [eg- “We the People”]
3) To create a room for every Ron Paul Meet-up group and meet as often as you would want – [eg- Dutchess County Ron Paul Meetup 695]

The benefits:
1) Communications [quick accurate information flow]
2) Organization by the grass roots [there are no leader’s just organizers]
3) Consistency [when a great idea works it can be duplicated by others quickly]
4) Action [if action by the all is required we can act quickly]
5) Record your meetings and post them on your meet-up page
6) Growth – because the pal-talk community is in the millions and people will enter our rooms for curiosity we will develop new membership and we can direct them to a local meet-up group near them, growth potential is phenomenal.
7) Power point ability
8) Pass out literature
9) High Quality digital audio [stereo]
10) High Quality digital video
11) Much, much more

Logical locations of the rooms:
* [category] Social Issues & Politics
* [sub-category] Government & Politics
* [rooms] [State]
New York for Ron Paul Revolution
New Jersey for Ron Paul Revolution
Pennsylvania for Ron Paul Revolution
Montana for Ron Paul Revolution
California for Ron Paul Revolution
- etc -
Ron Paul Revolution Meet up 695
Ron Paul Revolution Meet up 696
Ron Paul Revolution Meet up 697
Ron Paul Revolution Meet up 698
- etc -
We the People

Information is power and the opportunity for growth here on pal-talk is phenomenal. We could literally double our meet-up numbers quickly. I hope you see the potential of this program and join us. Because the rooms have a limit (200 people) we will reach a point where we will have to pay a reasonable monthly fee we will take up a collection maybe $1 per person per month to pay the fee. But until then it’s free.

CHOOSING A SCREEN NAME: - You can use your given name or a made up screen name but you should add your meet-up group number at the end of your screen name so we can appreciate where everyone is from

The [small] software to be downloaded to join us is un-intrusive and safe. I have been a member of the pal-talk community since January of 2001 and I can attest that it is safe.

You can download the small un-intrusive and safe software at

WHERE TO FIND US: > [category > Social Issues & Politics] [sub-category > Government & Politics] [room > New York Ron Paul Revolution or We the People Room]

Anyone who plans on attending our meeting should download pal-talk now and familiarize your self with it in head of time, check out this amazing on-line community.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you Friday 3-14-08 at 7:30 PM EST for our first meeting. We will be opening the room at 6:30 PM EST to show a one hour film called Hidden Agenda, an amazing interview of Congressmen Norman Dodd [who passed away in 1988] and his involvement on the Reese committee in the 1950’s where he uncovered a conspiracy within our “servant” government to bring in a new world order and destroy our constitutional government hosted by G. Edward Griffin. The film is about 55 min and reveals a very important piece of missing American history. Please feel free to share this communiqué with your neighboring meet-up groups regardless of their location.

Speakers are required, mic’s are optional but encouraged. You can buy a headset with a mic for about $10 at stales or radio shack.

John Vidurek
Ron Paul Dutchess County Meet-up 695 Organizer
Ron Paul Precinct Leader for Hyde Park NY
Ron Paul Delegate

RE: RON PAUL REVOLUTION NATIONAL MEETING - The Wolf Star - 03-09-2008 10:00 PM

Hey John,
Glad you found my forum! Sorry I didn't make it to the last Poughkeepsie meetup. Wasn't feeling too well. I'll send out a message to my list with your announcement on it. Smile


I'm interested in how this went. I do see the potential in it. We have so much useful technology at our fingertips. The more we each make use of this technology the stronger the Movement will become. I encourage all to learn to 'master' the tools that are available to us. Indeed do note what we're doing in the realm of what we're calling the Ron Paul WebTakeover.